The Solidago Riders is an advocacy group made up of five bicycle riding women based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our energy spans to reach a variety of interconnected issues, but we are especially excited about women in biking, placemaking through public art, the development of just and sustainable food systems and furthering the development of supportive bicycle communities for all.

We circled the Great Lakes by bicycle as a fundraiser for youth-led, non-profit, Grand Aspirations. July 29, 2011, we set off to document and celebrate Great Lakes people and organizations working for better communities. The voyage lasted 78 days on the road and 3,518 miles of pedaling. We are now projecting the energy created during this journey into future projects.

A timeless thank you to all of our past, current and future supporters and collaborators.

Click here for a slideshow of trip photos.

THANKS To All for making Solidago Bombago 2011 a great weekend!
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